Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What makes us Kiwi (speech)

creditpenny the kiwi
I remember the time, that we just came down from the ski field  and we were sitting on a bench about to eat lunch. We saw a green kea peeking on dad,s car tyres. Dad started going wild, he ran up to the car and waved his arms and shouted to shoo it away.  I started laughing and my little brother spilt his juice and started to whine. 
What makes us kiwi? Well what does make us kiwi is nature, sport, food and of course our history.

Don't you just love nature? Well, if you don’t you should and if you do love nature which I'm sure you do, you should know about plants to, like the silver fern. The silver fern makes us kiwi because it is our symbol and it is unique like us Kiwis. Speaking of silver ferns, what about our silver fern netball? It is also the symbol of the All Blacks, our pride in rugby.

There is also our sports that makes us Kiwi like our basketball team, the NZ Breakers and our rugby the All Blacks also our netball team they all have great success. Also in the Olympics we have had heaps of success for rowing , shot put and many other sports we are also doing good in the american cup.So you see. Sports must make us Kiwi. 

Our food? What could we do without it? Our bbq’s no one can cook like a kiwi. We do bbq everywhere. In the backyard ,beach, park, car parks.We like our sausages but where would we be without desert. Well luckily, we have our pavlova with nice kiwi fruit on top. That must make us Kiwi!

How about we end it with history always a boring lesson! History is always going to be a big part of us kiwi’s. The maoris made us kiwi because they are our ancestors. Maori also added myths and legends to our world like their tikis. There is also their culture like the haka and the waiata. The Maori are what makes us Kiwi.

So, what makes us also Kiwi is:  our awesome nature, our excellent sport teams, our lovely food and of course our history. 

Today that kea that hassled our car is probably terrorizing tour buses, welcoming people to New Zealand. So E noho ra (goodbye).


  1. Hey Alex! Im Cameron Hall, a student in EDM 310 at USA. I loved your blog! I think its great that you know so much about your history, ancestry and heritage. Sounds like it is a lot of great things that make up why you are kiwi. Good Work Alex!

  2. Hello Alex! My name is Katlyn and I am also a student at the University of South Alabama. I'm currently in a class called EDM 310 (micro-computing systems), which is basically a class for future teachers. In this class we learn about different types of technology and resources that we could use in our future classrooms. Before this class, I had never blogged. At first I was overwhelmed by all the information we had to learn in order to understand how blogging worked, however, now I am grateful for having been taught how to blog. I think blogging is a great way for people all across the world to gather and share ideas. So thank you for sharing your ideas with the world!

    I loved your first paragraph Alex! You used great descriptive details, and I almost felt like I was there! Your story also made me laugh. I also love nature, sports, food, and History so I am glad you gave such great examples for why they make you kiwi.

    Continue to keep up the great work Alex! Also if you would ever like to visit my own blog, you are welcome to anytime at Katlyn's Blog.

  3. Hey Alex! My name is Elizabeth Johnson, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am in a class called EDM 310, which teaches me how to be a teacher one day! This class led me to your blog. You can visit our class blog here. EDM 310 blog You can visit my blog here. Elizabeth's blog

    I really enjoyed reading you blog post. In the first paragraph, you did an excellent job of describing exactly what happened that day. Throughout the rest of your post, you did a great job of organizing the different section of food, sports, nature, and history. It was easy to read and very interesting. Great job!