Monday, 9 September 2013

Grey Wolf (Animal Report)

Grey wolf is a mammal and part of the canine species. The scientific name for the
grey wolf is Canis Lupus.

The Grey wolf is the largest member of the canine family in length. From nose to tail it  is 1.4-2m the height is 66-82 cm. The average weight for the grey wolf is 55-130 kg. Grey wolfs range in color from grizzled grey or black and white.

Lots Grey wolves have very thick fur to keep them warm in the northern climates. It has claws for traction and for ripping prey.The grey wolf can run up to 64 kilometers per hour.They can also hear twenty times sharper than a human.The grey wolf hunts in packs and normally at night.They are omnivores.

Most grey wolf lives near the north because they are suited for snow. They prefer northern climates but have been found in more places. The grey wolf normally lives in forests where their prey can be found every day.

The Gray wolf's diet is normally ungulates (mammal with hooves) like a deer but they can eat smaller animals like livestock, carrion and they can also eat garbage but they prefer meat only.

Grey wolfs only mate once a year but the pups are born deaf and blind. 6 or five is the average litter for the grey wolf. The pups weigh about 0.5 kg when born.It takes 8 months for the pups to be able to join the hunt.

If environmental effects affect their prey, Their population will drop rapidly. In North America the grey wolf is endangered but in Canada and Alaska it is not. In Europe , asia and africa wolf populations are tiny.


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