Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mummy Mayhem

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I was once a Lord
an Idol
now nothing
My pyramid colossal and vast
buried under shifting sands
My skin once smooth, seamless
now rough and dry
My body excavated

I felt giant once

now puny


in some see thru wall

Once my army enormous

Now my servants midget.

Someone rescue me....

Success Criteria for Free-form Poem
  • To reflect the mood of the pharaoh or a tomb robber
  • To bring some of the mystery of Egypt to your poem
  • To cut out small words - use the word knife
  • To use a Thesaurus to add 4-5 improved words
  • To set out in free-form - one or two thoughts per line


  1. Best part I like; My pyramid colossal and vast buried under shifting sands . You obviously used a thesaurus and understand how to write free form poetry. You are a great writer.


  2. It really does create the mystery of Egypt, gets you thinking about their amazing achievements
    Very good writing, Alex.


  3. Hi my name is Sindy, I think that your poem is really good and I like how you used interesting words instead of it's really sandy in the desert.