Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Don't fall down!

I woke up in the morning wanting to stay in bed because I hated the cross country. Mum drove across the mud and puddles on the way to school and I knew that it was not going to be a fun day. I wanted to go back to bed already.
At school the teacher said the Cross Country would take place on the school field after morning tea. My heart leapt... at least I had some time to be able to breathe!

Morning tea went by so fast.The moment I got in class Mr Grieve said that it was time to do the
cross country and suddenly my legs got wobbly and my stomach was dancing. It was still raining ! We waited out under the entrance then the sport teacher Mr Taylor came and told us we had to do a warm up out of cover by the flagpole. I was shaking in my boots if had had my boots on! Finally the race started. We lined up and got ready for the race three.... two... one... go!

 I sprinted down the start passed a few other people round the tree down the straight, jogging to save my energy. Up over the bump I was running across, down with speed! Passing a friend around the goal post I was onto my second lap. Going through the the middle of the trees, my heart was pumping in my chest, wishing it would stop. Through the trees, over the bump, my legs were hurting. Around the goal post, I was finally onto the final lap. So I powered through the trees, sprinted up the bump, ran hard around the goal post and sprinted to get in front of my
friend, Jack. I sprinted across the end, in 21st place. I was muddy but happy I was glad it was over.

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