Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Silly Suitcase

I am writing this poem
from inside a dusty suitcase,
please excuse my handwriting
It’s rather lonely cramped in here.
I tripped across my pants
while trying to get my undies
and fell inside the stuffy suitcase.
                                                                                              credit: pixabay public doman images
 So, please excuse my handwriting
It’s rather cramped in here.


 Success criteria

  • To write in a poetry style that has been given.
  • To treat each word as important, constantly improve words and cut superfluous words. 
  • Use high level word vocabulary that comes from our chosen topic.
  • To proofread to a higher level on our Proofreading rubric.
  • To design a montage to match your poem using layering, masking and alpha tools.
  • To present within your blog.


  1. Your poem made me laugh. I love it.

    - Mum

  2. NIce poem Alex. I like your suitcase picture.