Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Recount Swimming Prelims

I was so excited we were doing the swimming prelims. I woke at 7:

00 and got dressed into my P.E gear then then I woke up Mum and Dad and they made me breakfast. I got my bag and rushed out the door to my scooter and scooted to school. When I got to school I had to go into class to get unpacked. The first period my class had to go on the bus. 

When we got to Wharenui we had to wait for ten minutes, for me it felt like hours. Then it was my time to assemble and I had to wait in the line for another ten minutes. I went to my lane and when we were all there the whistle blew and I stepped up to the block. It blew again and I thrust my body into a dive and kicked up. Kicking ferociously and swinging my arms as fast as I could I swam down the lane. I saw the wall and I wanted the best time then my hands hit the wall, smack! “26.9 seconds,” said the the teacher,  "You better hop out as well."  

When I hopped out “Whew,” I said. I was glad that I had got a good time. 

I waited for 20 more minutes then it was finally my second race so me and the people who I was racing. I lined up and walked to my lane. The whistle blew I got in the pool, put my arm up to the bar and held on ready to do backstroke. The whistle blew the second time. I was off. I could see the middle mark, suddenly I heard a shout as loud as a foghorn in my ear. It shouted, "Creyke!" I then swam my heart out. When my hand hit the wall “27. 4,” said the teacher , "hop out." 

It an excellent morning of sport, full of great competitors and superb times.


  1. Well done! It sounds like you are a great swimmer and that you enjoy swimming too! This is an excellent recount. You have even typed it in chronological order! Chronological order is the order that it happened in, from start to finish. As well as this, you have added a picture, unlike many of your peers. If I was to give you one piece of advise, to help you make your future blogs even better, it would be to proof read your work, due to the fact that you made some silly mistakes to do with capital letters and grammar. Also, may you please tell me what a prelim is?

  2. Good post!! You sound good!! Just go back and get your spellings!! Good use of pictures!! :)

  3. You sound like a really fast swimmer.In our school swimming sports my time for freestyle was 29.4 seconds. What is your favorite type of swimming?