Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Boat Tour

Credit: Burlaki on the Hudson. London Thames 

I stepped onto the deck at the bottom of the London Eye. I felt like an ant compared to it. Then suddenly it was time to get on the jet boat. There was an bottom layer where people could sit and watch and top ` section  which had better view but very windy.

I climbed the stairs to the second story as the boat started off down the river. The wind nearly blew me over I reached out and grabbed a chair and held it tightly. My eyes were watering and it was awkward to see straight ahead so I ducked my head straight under the chair. The wind now rushed past the top of my head but my view was obstructed by the chair’s metal sides.

I crawled down to the bottom. I went to the front and I thought wow my eyes don't hurt and i can see the sights equally as well. Suddenly, I smelt reeking socks and rotten apples. I looked behind me and saw a pile of throw up next to my feet.  

I knew now I had to go back up  or find another place between the stairs. The view would have been beautiful if the throwing up and the wind hadn’t happened!

[Success Criteria: In this recount writing we tried to use the five senses and some similes. We focused on telling a story, and slowing down the action. Some of us tried to use good sound words also.]


  1. A realistic description of the situation using the senses, especially with the wind rushing and the view obstructed and the smell!

  2. I wouldn't have wanted to be in the boat downstairs on that day. I like the feeling you shared at the end of the story.

  3. Dear Alex,
    I like what you wrote besides the throw up part. My name is Tyler and I am a girl. Your blog rocks!!!!!!
    - Tyler, CO

  4. I loved that you express your self in your writing. It would be cool to go on a boat. I went on a boat once but it had only 4 chairs, the wheel, a small back deck, and the front had seats shaped as a v. My dad would go super fast and then stop so that the water in the lake would splash on my brother, sister, step mom, and me.

    From Breanna, CO

    1. Thank you for the nice comment !!!!